I just love these, and since its Christmas soon (two months is soon) I’m just going to tell everyone I know that this is what I want for Christmas. (And somewhere to live, but thats a given. Sorry parents, I love you)

Anyway, these come from Betongruvan on Sveavägen in Stocholm.

One hundred years of solitude

Hello, after realizing that this blog is turning in to a food blog (nothing wrong with that, we love L-O-V-E food… but all our food posts are borrowed)  I thought I’d make a oh-so-fun today I post….



Today I: spent the day in the archipelagos with my family, we own some kayaks and decided to go kayaking  and meet up with some friends. We ate (a lot! being outdoors has a way of making me hungry… I eat five times more than what I usually do…), went swimming and just talked..

Yeah that’s pretty much what I did today, now I’m eating some dinner while trying to convince myself that going jogging is a great idea.. (yeah that’s never going to happen..) and trying not to think about tomorrow… back to work after two weeks of sleeping, eating and doing absolutely nothing!


My day has been really good, It was spent:


– Sitting in the sun, it was really nice outside today. Not to warm not to cold, just plain perfect

– Drinking smoothies, they were emaazing (as they say in happy endings…). We hade mango-hemp-soy smoothies, YUM

– Talking to people who make me happy.


– Laughing A LOT

– Thrifting, my sister went crazzy at the salvation army store… which is really good for me, we live together…

– Eating: we ate muffins, candy, noodles so I’m currently laying pantless in my bed with a really bad stomach ache..


– Buying books that were looooong overdue, I’ve wantet this particular book for two years now…

– And walking, if you live in Stockholm you know. It’s a really good city for walkers, you can walk everywere!