The last two weeks (and probably this one) have been crazy, with uni and working I have practically no life left… With everything in my life going in ultraspeed I forgot that yesterday was fathersday… So today we are celebrating!!! We have cake, flowers and a great dinner planed! My sister an I went all out this year.. (we felt bad for forgetting… hrm..)


(I have to do some of these now!!)

I’ve tried doing the sun salute every morning and it really makes you feel better in the morning… Try it!!

This was probably one of our more random and weird posts… but this is what my brain looks like today.. So…


So this is going to be a fun weekend! I’ve been really busy with school for the past month, so today I have to catch up on laundry, I have to clean everything (I haven’t vacuumed in forever….), update my etsy account and bake! It’s raining today which is good, I hate doing this sort of things when there is nice weather…


Anyway, I had a job interview this past Thursday… and guess what?? I got the job!! It’s great, it’s really close to where I live and it’s close to were I study.. It’s perfect!

So my list for today (not that you care..):

– Do as much laundry I can!!!

– Go thru my piles of paper/flyers/idontknowwhyiceepthis piles that are everywhere!

– Vacuum

– Take pictures of all my weird old clothes and update my etsy account!

– Bake “kanelbullar” Swedish cinnamon rolls (they are the best!)

– Study for my exam in environmental economy!!!!!!! (This is probably the most important thing I have to do… that’s why it’s on the end of my list….hrm)





Friday Night


It’s friday! And insted of spening it with friends (drinking, like every other 19 year old out there) I’m at home alone… eating raw asparagus (yeah I know… but it taste really good! Hrm the only food in my fridge) while watchig pirates of the caribbean!

My life is sooo intresting I know…



When you have a bad day

Today I woke up on the wrong side (I really did, I roled over and hit my head on the wall… Idiot, now my nose hurts) so I’m currently walking around my house moping/whining, talking to myself (I talk to myself a lot) and drinking loads of tea (We just bought a vanilla tea that smells emazing, if you want your entire house/apartment/room/cupboard under the stairs (harry potter geek) to smell vanilla try: Rooibos Bourbon Vanilla Tea by khoisan, AND it’s 100% organic…).


This while reading blogs/tumblrs (is it just me or do you always get that feeling that everybody has a great and intresting life exept you? hrmm yes Lotte, just read this post..) I’m currently ADDICTED to Fae’s garden, she/he(?) finds the most beautiful pictures (and the best music) and you just want everything on that tumblr… (THE FOOD!! OMG)

And listening to my new favorite song Fleet Foxes – Can’t help falling in love with you, Beverley Knight – Pice of my Heart and Boyfriend – John Grimes (Not Justin Bieber, I like this acoustic version more…)

Shit now I have to pee, drank too much tea….



Rainy day


After school I went to the gym (for the first time in waaay to long), and I decided to walk home in my gym clothes.. Which today happend to be shorts and a t-shirt. Anyway, after leaving the gym I realized that it was a tad bit to cold for shorts… (ehh it was snowing this saturday…. So yeah Lotte, YOU DON’T WEAR SHORTS WHEN THERE IS STILL SNOW OUTSIDE). So while walking home freezing my legs of (which I conveniently forgot to shave… Goosebumps and hairy legs don’t work well together… now you know) IT STARTED TO RAIN.

Don’t get me wrong, I love rain and rainy days, they are lovely. You can spend all day inside with people you love (or watch a movie all alone..), even walking in the rain can be nice…


In addition to frezzing my butt of and (yeah I did not bring my umbrella… the sun was shining this morning…..) getting wet I was carrying 4 bags! Why you might ask, well you know those days when you just have to carry everything you need and a little bitt more… that was today!


It didn’t even look pretty and movie-like (suprise) just grey, cold and dark.

Now I have to get warm; so coffe and warm (and DRY) clothes here I come!


Pic: from here and here

Life Happens


I’ve spent the entire weekend with my family which has been really nice (and realxing!). But tomorrow it’s back to buisness, with work and other not so fun stuff….

Anyway, I thought I was going to use today to get some stuff done that I’ve been needing to do for some while, like cleaning out my wardrobe. (I can’t close the door anymore, yeah I have problems…).


Pic: from we heart it

Right now I’m sitting on the floor while my sister is going through my wardobe (She waned to do it? I think because she gets the stuff I don’t want..) and we are drinking tea while listening to “Coconut Records”.. Life is good




It’s beautifull outside today, I’m going to get out of my bed and jump start my day! (yeah I know.. it’s 12:30..)

I could:

– Take a walk

– Do some pilates

– Study for my drivers test

– Work

– Clean my extremely messy house

– Or just sit in the sun with a cup of coffee

I think the last alternative sound great, don’t you?


Pic: Here