So bangs, the do or don’t. I love the I hate them.

I’ve had bangs twice before and they look great when you have newly washed hair, the second day not so good. And who has time to wash their hair ever day? Isn’t it bad for you? (Apparently you can? Big news everyone, no more planing ahead with what day to shower to make you look good as many days as possible!)

But don’t they feel like a winter thing? They go great with a hat, make you’re forhead warm and they look good messy (hello post-beanie-hair)

But in the summer? You are constantly sweaty and hot, it feels like you would have them licked to you’re forhead constantly. With the sexy I haven’t washed my hair in forever and you can really see it look.

Ugh, but look at them. Don’t they look great? (Well at least on her!)

I just want to look bangin’ (heheh pun intended)

How to (not) pack for the weekend

I’m going away this weekend, the last time I spend more than one day away I spent the entire trip freezing (actually this has been the case the last 5 times..) lesson learned! I’m going to pack for every weather possible, rain, snow (probably not but hey you never know), beach and wind!


My current dilemma is shoes, do I want my super cute and very comfortable clogs (don’t work in rain) OR my nikes which are even more comfortable but not as cute (work in rain)… (Yes I know my problems are really big)

On my last trip I left in 30 degrees and sunshine, I only packed short dressed and cute skirts. The next day I woke up to 15 degrees and rain!! Thats what you get for not reading the weather forecast.



ps. I’m craving Birkenstocks big time!! Yes or no?


How to Apply Eyeliner


I really love girls who can wear eyeliner, I love a good cat eye. But unfortunately I’m not one of them! Usualy one eye turns out great, the perfect shape and everything, but the second one…… It’s either to thin, to thick, to long, to I don’t know. JUST NOT THE WAY I WANT IT TO BE

How hard can it be, right?

So I googled it and found this awsome page with some great tips! How to Apply, (yeah it’s real, that homepage actually exists! I did not make that up..) the prefect place for everyone or anyone who lacks the ability to apply eyeliner!

Soo now…. practice! Because “Practice makes perfect” or so I heard



Rainy day


After school I went to the gym (for the first time in waaay to long), and I decided to walk home in my gym clothes.. Which today happend to be shorts and a t-shirt. Anyway, after leaving the gym I realized that it was a tad bit to cold for shorts… (ehh it was snowing this saturday…. So yeah Lotte, YOU DON’T WEAR SHORTS WHEN THERE IS STILL SNOW OUTSIDE). So while walking home freezing my legs of (which I conveniently forgot to shave… Goosebumps and hairy legs don’t work well together… now you know) IT STARTED TO RAIN.

Don’t get me wrong, I love rain and rainy days, they are lovely. You can spend all day inside with people you love (or watch a movie all alone..), even walking in the rain can be nice…


In addition to frezzing my butt of and (yeah I did not bring my umbrella… the sun was shining this morning…..) getting wet I was carrying 4 bags! Why you might ask, well you know those days when you just have to carry everything you need and a little bitt more… that was today!


It didn’t even look pretty and movie-like (suprise) just grey, cold and dark.

Now I have to get warm; so coffe and warm (and DRY) clothes here I come!


Pic: from here and here