Christmas Shopping

This year I did all my Christmas shopping online, partly because I’m working every day until Christmas and partly because it’s snowing way to much to spend time outside right now! (And not just right now.. the past two weeks have been filled with snow, which I like but not for shopping)


I bought some nice things on asos, they have a huge sale on hats, so if you want to by something for yourself… just saying

I bought books at amazon, and if you live in Sweden I’d recommend adlibris


For cozy clothing I’d go here, love their stuff! For you’re mom or sister?

For art (if not amazon) this is the place to look, not to expensive but they have something for everyone!

Don’t know what to get you’re dad? Look here

And at last, here is where you by all the face/hair/body products to give way!

Do you have any great gifts, or places to look for Christmas gifts?