2 Ways To Make Your Lips Pinker: Free People


One is to rub lemon juice onto your lips before bedtime to bring out their natural color. After you have applied the lemon juice wait for them to dry and then moisturize them. Do this just once a week as lemon juice can dry your lips out.

The second is beetroot juice. By rubbing beetroot juice on your lips before going to bed you start to create a natural lip stain effect. You can either buy a jar of beetroots and place a small sponge inside to soak up the juice or cut a piece of beetroot and rub it on your lips — but this can be a little messy. Do this for 5 minutes and wash your hands afterwards. D0 this about three times a week and see if you can tell the difference!

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Natural Sun Streaking

Here’s a happy alternative to sitting with your hair cooking under a smelly cap of chemicals…

1. Mix the juice of 1 lemon with 2 tablespoons strong chamomile tea. Buy chamomile tea.

2. Using an inexpensive straw hat with lots of holes in it, pull strands of hair through the holes. (A crochet hook or pencil is good for this.)

3. Apply the lemon/chamomile mixture to the exposed hair. Sit in the sun for 2 hours – you’ll end up with natural-looking streaking. Don’t forget sunscreen! (Good book, glass of wine…)

I am trying another type of natural bleaching! I’m mixing honey with olive oil letting the composition mix in 10 minutes, then I put it in my hair, and have it for 30-40 minutes. I’m going to try to add this to my queenday-routine. I’m planning to add honey into my conditioner aswell, enough with the honey and over to camomille tea – I made tea (2 cups of water and a bag of camomille tea) and poured it into a spray bottle, hopefully my hair will look cooler in a healthy way :)