High Waisted Panties


Let’s talk panties! (Not spanks, hate spanks, I want to be able to breath!) There is nothing worse than being in a hurry, grabbing the first pair of panties you see and run out. Only to realise that you grabbed the “oh-no-I-forgott-to-throw-away” pair. That pair that gives you a camel toe, slides in to your butt, is to small, to tight.. just wrong!

Panties have to be comfortable, look good and make you feel good!

Here enters the high waisted pantie! The one that doesn’t just make you’re belly flat(er) (think about you’re best nylon tights, that make you’re butt and belly look amazing! yeah! I’m right) they go great with all you’re dresses and skirts, and about everything that involves a belt and you’re waist! THEY GIVE YOU CURVES

They make you look sexy, in a retro kind of “I love my hips and you should too” kind of way.

The only time you can’t (and I mean can’t) wear them is with you’re low rise jeans.. hello awkward underwear flashing moment