DIY Project: Tiered Hanging Pots


I love plants, and lot’s of them! And this is such an easy way to show them of (and it’s cheap and takes up no space what so ever…) I really want one of these in my kitchen so I can put all of my herbs in the pots… (I‘m in a basil phase right now.. I put in in/on everything)

You can find the entire DIY here!


Todays to do: Yarn Ball Bookmark

I’ve always been a book lover, of the “i bend the corner of the page” kind. My family hates it, but I just haven’t been able to keep a bookmark for long! They just keep on slipping out of my book when I have them in my bag (what?? It’s really hard to find the right page.. I promise!) And what am I supposed to do with my bookmark while reading? If I put it in my book I usually loose them (why don’t they make sticky bookmarks? hello anyone?) and put them in my bag… nooo


But these look great!! Collurfull and they just make you happy, don’t they?? (or as happy as you can get from looking at a bookmark…)

To find the tutorial go here!!


Hair Tutorial

As previously mentioned I’m letting my hair grow long! It’s currently almost (ALMOST!!) shoulder length so I’ve been looking for new hairstyles to try out. I love a good braid, and this hair style look’s really complicated but is actually really easy!


How to:
1)  Put your hair into a low ponytail and pull gently to loosen the scrunchie.
2)  Braid hair in the loosened ponytail.
3)  Create a hole in your hair above the scrunchie and pull the braid through the hole.
4)  Repeat this step spreading the braid out in the wrap to maintain even thickness.
5)  Tuck away the end of the braid and secure the wrap with bobby pins. Add a touch of hairspray to finish!

pic: baysidebride


DIY Floral Lampshade

I found this post over at “honsetlywtf” and I thought I’d share it with you… This lampshade is fantastic! Now I just have to find the perfect fabric and I’ll make one of these myself! (And it looks fairly easy… I could do it!)


You’ll need:


To see the full post (And the entire tutorial) click here!