Crafty Friday – Funky Headphones

I spent the day with a friend. We meet up fairly early and bought some embroidery thread, we found this post on a blog a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it out!

You basically make knots “around” your headphone-cord, it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon. Especially with a good friend, tasty thai food and bad radio!!

I’m currently in my bed reading an oh so interesting book for class next week while drinking green tea and eating candy!! (Actually my tea is almost cold, I already ate all the good candy and I haven’t even opened my book jet… Yeah Lotte!! )

that’s my friday for all of you, what are you doing tonight??


It’s raining t…

It’s raining today so instead of my planed morning jog I’m at home drinking tea, eating apples and watching scrubs on youtube… (morning jog isn’t really what I would call it, it’s more like a power walk with some occasional running)


I spent the entire evening watching various reallity shows with my siblings, our all time favorites ( hrm my all time favorites) are:

– Keeping up with the Kardashians, kind of makes me love the fact that I only have two (TWO) siblings and not… six?

– The Real Housewives of NY, it’s great watching mature (?) women in their mid-fifties fight like you do in high school.. kind of makes you feel great about your own mom! She is not that embarrassing, no fighting in public…

– Jersey Shore … Who doesn’t love Snooki??

Gaah I can’t sit here.. I have to go to work….!


(i’d love to wear this..)


I want to

Wear this:


While spending my days (or just my life) here:


Iv’e been working everyday the past two weeks, so right now my feet hurt, my head hurts… EVERY part of my body..

hurts.. Uhg

After eating my dinner (homemade pizza Woop) I’m going to spend my night at a frinds house NOT watchin the game ( sweden  – france.. yeah we are going to loose and I don’t have to watch it..) I really want to watch some finding Nemo.. while eating candy/ice-cream/orsomethingelsethattastegreatandhassuggarinit


pic from here