My New Years resolution was to read more, I’ve always been a reader and I love that feeling when you can’t put you’re book away. When you get irritated at people for interrupting and you bring you’re book everywhere. So I’ve decided to read one (new) book every week.

This week I’ve read “Eat Pray Love” I’d only seen the movie but my mom loved the book so I decided to give it a try, and I LOVED it!

But my all time favorite books are “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen and “Hunting and Gathering” by Anna Gevalda

Advertising’s Image of Women

At the moment I am still reading “The Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf, she writes about the history behind this myth, how it got into our society. It’s very disturbing how fast we have lost what so many women have been fighting for -The right over our bodies.

“The more legal and material barriers that we women have been torn down, the heavier and harder, we have been charged with images of how we should look.”

“The Beauty Myth” deals with several topics concerning politics, culture, work, hunger, violence and sex. The “beauty myth” is everywhere and is there for a certain reason, somebody benefits from this. I think that you should read the book now! Put away your other books, let’s start a revolution! Once you start reading the book you will realize what society is doing, all advertisements about loosing weight, getting rid of wrinkles/cellulites, why you constantly feel bad about yourself, why you compare yourself to others, why you feel that you have to freshen’ up your wardrobe. You will understand why this thing still exists, why there is a lack of solidarity between women. This book is staggering in a good way! Go buy it! Borrow it! Tell your friends about it!

I would love to write more about it later, when I find time, and when I find a way to formulate my thoughts and important key pieces that everyone should know then I will write the post, due to lack of time and important data as   statistics, laws and examples that demonstrate the impact of the beauty myth are a bit difficult to find and rewrite into english I find it easier to tell you that YOU SHOULD READ THE BOOK!

xox Diana