Pumpkin Coconut Almond Face Mask



This face mask looks amazing, I mean love anything containing pumpkin (the same goes for almonds and coconuts so..) so when I saw this at “The Kitchy Kitchen” it pretty much made my day (thank you Diana for sending me her blog). Let’s hope it’s as amazing as I think it is


1/4 cup pumpkin puree

1/4 cup whole milk

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon cinnamon

2 tablespoons coconut oil

2 tablespoons almonds (grind in food processor until powdery)

Mix all ingredients together to form a paste and apply to skin using fingers.  Leave on for 30 minutes and then wash off.  (You can also change the coarseness of the almonds to make this more of a scrub.)


2 Ways To Make Your Lips Pinker: Free People


One is to rub lemon juice onto your lips before bedtime to bring out their natural color. After you have applied the lemon juice wait for them to dry and then moisturize them. Do this just once a week as lemon juice can dry your lips out.

The second is beetroot juice. By rubbing beetroot juice on your lips before going to bed you start to create a natural lip stain effect. You can either buy a jar of beetroots and place a small sponge inside to soak up the juice or cut a piece of beetroot and rub it on your lips — but this can be a little messy. Do this for 5 minutes and wash your hands afterwards. D0 this about three times a week and see if you can tell the difference!

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Avocado & Oil Hair mask

On my evening tryingtoavoidtheworkthatishouldbedoing internet time I found this hair beauty tip.. sounds great!!


“I have a hair mask trick! It’s not an exact science, but here’s my method: I take one super ripe avocado; halve, peel and de-seed it and put it in a bowl. I mash it with my hands but you could probably use a tool of some sort. Then add about ¼ cup of olive oil (really just enough to thin the avocado paste out a bit — it should be like a paste, not soup). Then I mix in 2 eggs. Once thoroughly mixed I apply generously all over my hair — I focus on the roots because that’s where I need it most, but some people might feel like the tips is where they want to concentrate the mixture. Next wrap your hair in plastic wrap and let sit! I usually do about 20 minutes, then get in the shower and stand and let the heat give the mask a final kick. Then I take the plastic wrap off and rinse! I shampoo after because I just had food in my hair, but I’ve heard some people don’t. It’s a personal choice. That once every 6 weeks is how my hair has gone from brown to red to brown to blonde to black and doesn’t look totally fried!”

– Jessica
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Stuff you need to know do and use! (about makeup and beauty)



For low-maintenance girls.

Let your hair get dirty. I used to wash my hair every other day but I’ve been stretching it out to three or four days. I just use dry shampoo liberally. Dirty hair is amazing because you can literally make your hair do anything you want when its a bit dirty, the natural oils totally change it’s structure and capabilities. It gets so full and  and you can make it hold any shape, just get a teasing comb and start sculpting. Wash your bangs if you need to. Audrey Hepburn only washed her hair once a week! I don’t know if I could go that long. You also spend less time in the shower, and keep your hair color longer if it’s dyed.

If you normally use eyeliner or shadow during the day, try going without it for a week and see how you like it. I used to use a lot of liner out of habit but I decided to try a fresher look and I much prefer it. One thing I can’t live without is a ton of mascara…I can’t give it up. I probably literally wear about five coats on my upper and lower lashes for night time.

Drink ginger tea if you get an upset stomach often. I tried it at the recommendation of a friend and I like it because it helps with nausea and also because its very spicy and warming.

Stop using moisturizers that come in pots–they accumulate bacteria. How very gross!! Use stuff that comes in tubes and pump dispensers. My mom and I got rid of some products we were using that were in pots and noticed we now get fewer blemishes. 

 Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your forearms and your ears. Just make sure your rub it in really well on your ears!

 If you are travelling and forgot to bring a scrub, you can exfoliate with Vitamin C powder. I always travel with Vitamin C powder, in case it wards off colds…

To give your hair lots of body without using heat, make a ponytail on the very top of  your head, really get it up high! Twist the ponytail around itself to make a bun and secure it with bobby pins.Wear it like that all day and take it down at night for nice big hair, or you can even wear it to bed and take it out in the morning.

Flick your eyeliner up at a dramatic angle and put your blush very high on your cheekbones, then pull all of your hair back very tightly to give your face a new dimension. Alternatively to soften your features you could tease all of your hair into a soft cloud and pin it abstractly on top of your head, and leave some tendrils hanging down like they did in the seventies. Trying new things is fun.