How to (not) pack for the weekend

I’m going away this weekend, the last time I spend more than one day away I spent the entire trip freezing (actually this has been the case the last 5 times..) lesson learned! I’m going to pack for every weather possible, rain, snow (probably not but hey you never know), beach and wind!


My current dilemma is shoes, do I want my super cute and very comfortable clogs (don’t work in rain) OR my nikes which are even more comfortable but not as cute (work in rain)… (Yes I know my problems are really big)

On my last trip I left in 30 degrees and sunshine, I only packed short dressed and cute skirts. The next day I woke up to 15 degrees and rain!! Thats what you get for not reading the weather forecast.



ps. I’m craving Birkenstocks big time!! Yes or no?




I just ate a plate of gnocchi intended for at least 3 people all by my self, so to take my mind of my overly full stomach I was going to show you this etsy shop I’m a tad bit obsessed with. I’ve been wanting to get some more  piercings for about a year now, but just haven’t gotten around to do it yet. (Read: I’m scared to go in to a piercing studio, It’s the one place on earth I feel really missplaced and like a “hihiIm14andthisissooocool ” person)







Hello, sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been on a yoga trip to Greece and just got home, it was great thank you for asking. <3

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I spent my night baking vegan cinnamon rolls (I don’t like cinnamon so I put hazelnut butter in them instead and it tastes delicious, I’ve been eating them for breakfast) and I just realized that the new season of true blood is out! YAY (Johanna If I don’t understand whats going on I’m going to call you!)

Chocolate chip cookies

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Oh, I am so happy that I found this food blog! Makes me want to rock my unruly hair and just make delicious dishes!  Check it out here! Coralie Jouhier is one of the most beautiful women that I’ve ever seen and here on these picture you see Lola her younger sister. Coralie and Lola do not only have amazing styles they are also incredibly beautiful and I just love that Coralie has started a food blog!