Little Traditions by A Beautiful Mess

We love the post “Little Traditions” that we found on one of our favorite blogs: A Beautiful Mess. This post is so beautiful, smart and clever. I want this to be my tradition. I want to collect memories physically in a jar like the one above.

“Jeremy and I have a little collection of wine and champagne corks that we keep in a glass pitcher in our dining room. On special and sometimes not-so-special occasions we save corks and write what we were doing or celebrating on that day.

Our friend Carter told us he had a similar collection the year we got married. We loved the idea so we stole it and have been saving them ever since! At first it felt like pointless hoarding, but now when we look at them they are actually really special to us. Now that we have a few years collected, they represent so many happy, sad and funny times. Friends, dinners, weddings, birthdays, holidays, moving, good news and travels… it’s all in there!

Here are a few new and old corks. I love that there is such a variety of big events and special occasions and also small things that we were celebrating at the time, like when I came home from my final business trip of the season this year. There are even a few mixed in there that just say something like “catching up on Homeland”. :) It’s the little things. 

Happy New Years!!! xx. Elsie “



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