Helane Demystifying Meditation

I loved Helane Crowells text about meditation. It starts like this “I am far from an organic-cotton-wearing, vegan zen master. My days are filled with stress (work-imposed and self-imposed) and a general feeling that I haven’t stopped running—in heels, on cobblestones—from one thing to the next. And, like most, I am in a serious monogamous relationship with my iPhone…” And I feel that many can relate to this. She moves on in describing how she meditates, answers typical things like “You have to give up all of your favorite vices.”. She does it in such a way that I am giving meditation another try. This time I am going to try harder, I am going to accept that I get distracted, I am going to focus on my breathing through mantras, I want to glow! 

You can find the text here!


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