Coconut Flakes in the Shampoo

So the other day I was at lush to buy some bath bombs and this wonderful salesperson comes to me and starts showing me a bunch of products. I tell her that the cold weather during winter is giving my hair a hard time. So we walk over to the hair products and the lady shows me a shampoo based on coconut oil, coconut flakes and essential oils. My first thought was “Cool, my hair absolutely love coconut oil” she handed me a little jar with a sample of this shampoo and told me to try it as soon as I got home. Later that evening when I was showering I massaged the coconut-shampoo in to my scalp, had balsam in my hair and rinsed my hair. I felt so good using a product that hadn’t been used on animals, a product that was based on other natural products. But as I stood in front of the mirror and saw all the coconut flakes that had gotten stuck in my afro I started cursing as a sailor. It looked like I had some abnormal dandruff going on. My second reflection “I am never going to buy this product! or anything with flakes that I’m supposed to put in my hair”. 

Any ways, if you are interested in making your own bath bombs (CUZ I AM) then you should click here! Bath bombs can also be used in the shower for all the ladies and gentlemen who thought that this was impossible! 

On the other hand I would like to recommend this product to people with curly hair, I will try to make a DIY of this product because for a student this is slightly expensive. 


One comment on “Coconut Flakes in the Shampoo

  1. lotte says:

    hahahahahah döör

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