Chia Seeds

For you who, like me, haven’t tried chia seeds and think that anything that gets a pudding/jello like consistency when put in water should be avoided. You are wrong! (No mostly you are right, but not in this case)

When I got a bag of chia seeds from my boss yesterday I was a bit skeptic, but decided to look up some recipes anyway. (I mean when someone gives you food you eat it..)

But first lets talk chia seeds, they are considered a super food (hey they are super.. can it get better??) they are high on omega 3 and fatty acids. They contain more iron than spinach and you cant eat them the way they are (goodby ground flax seeds, you have been replaced) to add to their awesomeness they are high on calcium and protein.

So try them (and if you think they are to expensive, they absorb up to 9 times their own weight in water!)


Hazelnut Chia Bowl

Superfood Chia Bowl

Chia Seed pudding – blueberry, chocolate and vanilla

Chia Carmel pudding


One comment on “Chia Seeds

  1. summerraspberries says:

    Looks like a delicious breakfast!

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