Piercings.. Yes, No, Where and How?

I don’t like piercings in general, I usually find the tacky and (especially those with whatdoyoucallthem, fake diamonds?) they tend to look either like you’re trying to hard or you get the “I was fourteen” look. But I do love ear piercings! (And the occasional nose piercing, Diana I say go for it..!) I have three already and I’m going to get a fourth! (Apparently a have a HELIX, soon to be double HELIX) I think it’s my way of getting a tattoo without the “it’s going to be there for life what if you change you’re mind” thing. If you remove an ear piercing no one is ever going to know that you had one (Except of they stare at you’re ears, which is a bit weird? yes?

So when I found these pictures on intothegloss I was in ear piercing haven!




2 comments on “Piercings.. Yes, No, Where and How?

  1. I recently let some of my piercings close up. My husband was shocked when I did it, but I’m glad to say I now only sport 9 piercings, whereas I did have 14 at my most, and all but one in my ears (I got my tongue pierced about 10 years ago and now it just feels weird when I don’t have it in.)

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