It’s ok.

So I’ve just moved into my student dorm room, and I’ve lived here for almost a week! My room has been cold (18°C) two degrees below the minimum degree of the temperature that the Swedish Environmental Health Department is recommending. I have not only been cold, I have created a big pool in the hallway because there is a crack in my bathroom and to add on to that we’ve got ants in the kitchen. I guess things will only get better. 

The first day my room felt like my home, I had packed up all my books and pillows and my plants. But it is rather strange living alone, all of a sudden I need to think about groceries; what to cook for breakfast/lunch/supper, where I should buy food and how I should plan my time. My studies aren’t easy and just making the whole thing work is very new for me. I still sing in the shower or when I have my headphones on and I often forget that the walls are thin. 

Today it’s friday and it’s coming to 10pm. I have some kind of mask on my face, drinking tea, eating carrots and watching Sex and the City as I’m taking a break from my studies. I enjoy being by myself. I’m actually getting to know myself better. Who am I when nobody is around? What are my true colors?

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