The last two weeks (and probably this one) have been crazy, with uni and working I have practically no life left… With everything in my life going in ultraspeed I forgot that yesterday was fathersday… So today we are celebrating!!! We have cake, flowers and a great dinner planed! My sister an I went all out this year.. (we felt bad for forgetting… hrm..)


(I have to do some of these now!!)

I’ve tried doing the sun salute every morning and it really makes you feel better in the morning… Try it!!

This was probably one of our more random and weird posts… but this is what my brain looks like today.. So…


One comment on “Monday

  1. love this! i started a 10 minute yoga practice in the morning to include sun salutations and a few light stretches that really open you up and work out the kinks to start the day. good for you!!! i like the photo, it’s cute.

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