How to turn a bad day into a great day!

Some days everything is just plain wrong! Maybe you feel really alone? Or like you hate everyone you see? Whatever the reason (there might be none!) Here are some of our tips to make your day better!

– Smile! This might seem stupid at the time, but walking around with a smile on your face often makes you feel happy! You are “tricking your brain into thinking that you are really happy…” (hehe) try it! (And it makes the people around you happier!.. just saying)

– Wear something pretty! It’s hard to feel really bad when you feel pretty ( I think..) so put on your favorite shirt/dress/skirt and work it! And if you already left your house just put on some red lipstick! It’s daring and it really changes your look! (And it makes you look a bit french… and french people always look good!)

– Go shopping! Yeah this might not be the best idea… I don’t know how you work (If you are one of those people who tend to by expensive thing while in a bad mood then don’t do this!) When I feel bad I by makeup.. or anything I can by without trying on.. I would never by pants or a shirt.. Last week I bought a sweater (Which I have been wearing almost every day.. just saying.. good by!!)…

– Talk to someone! We all have someone in our life’s who can make our day better, and talking really helps. You don’t have to talk about what you are feeling, ask the other person to tell you about his/her day. Talking to someone makes you feel less alone, and it’s nice to have someone who listens. (And if no one answers their phone it’s not because they hate you it’s because they are busy! I promise)

– Listen to music! Listening to music can change your mindset in an instant! My go to songs when I’m sad are Destiny’s Child – Survivor, Britney Spears – Baby One More Time and Brandon and Leah – Life Happens

(I really wanted to put the video here bu I didn’t get how you do that so you get the picture..)

And if nothing works go home and watch a movie (preferably on that makes you cry.. ps I love you or pride and prejudice) eat ice cream, drink tea and cry!!!
What are your tips and tricks??


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