So this is going to be a fun weekend! I’ve been really busy with school for the past month, so today I have to catch up on laundry, I have to clean everything (I haven’t vacuumed in forever….), update my etsy account and bake! It’s raining today which is good, I hate doing this sort of things when there is nice weather…


Anyway, I had a job interview this past Thursday… and guess what?? I got the job!! It’s great, it’s really close to where I live and it’s close to were I study.. It’s perfect!

So my list for today (not that you care..):

– Do as much laundry I can!!!

– Go thru my piles of paper/flyers/idontknowwhyiceepthis piles that are everywhere!

– Vacuum

– Take pictures of all my weird old clothes and update my etsy account!

– Bake “kanelbullar” Swedish cinnamon rolls (they are the best!)

– Study for my exam in environmental economy!!!!!!! (This is probably the most important thing I have to do… that’s why it’s on the end of my list….hrm)






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