Dinner! My Way

Yeah, I know we said that I was going to cook more.. but I have my first big exam of the year coming up on Friday so I’ve spent every moment studying the past week! My lack of time and ambition (AND MONEY…. yeah I’m a student…. pasta is my friend!) led me to this recipe! I already knew how to poach eggs (Yea, after watching Julie & Julie my friend and I spent one hour trying!! It’s not easy, but they taste sooo much better than normal ones… I promise)

So all you students out there… (Or anyone who likes fast/cheap and easy food…)

I put a large pot of water to poach eggs.  While the water comes up to temperature, I wash, destem, and chop the kale (Just use what you like, anything will do) . Then I place it in a sauté pan (Or a normal pan… I only have one type of pan…) drizzled with oil and let it cook over medium-low heat. While the kale sautés, I poach the eggs. Cook the rice, everything cooks at once, taking 16 minutes or so for a total of four plates.


2 comments on “Dinner! My Way

  1. Sounds & looks incredibly yummy! What type of rice did u use? Yamani rice?

    Will like to try out this easy & economical recipe soon!! Thanks for sharing!


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