Adventerous Night


So I just began studying Pharmacology, hopefully I will have my masters after 5 years. Everyday I’m amazed by the way our body works, how strong it is, the smart functions of our cells, receptors, I amazed by the way our heart beats, signals, hormones. I am amazed by the way medicine works on us, we can inhibit some receptors so that a substance/hormone won’t trigger a reaction and by doing that we can i.e. reduce blood pressure. I am studying every day and I’m getting quite tired of it because I have no time to exercise or see my friends! I miss them a lot and I would really need to spend some quality time with them.

Balance is extremely important, it’s here the activity triangle comes in. You have to work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours and then have free time 8 hours which does not necessarily mean that you can be a couch potato :). By working I mean studying/training/physical activities, and by free time it might be doing grocery shopping or maybe going out dancing or reading a book. And sleep is one of the most important things (I’ve realized now after falling asleep during the lectures, by the way do not sit in the front bench if you feel tired – it is… embarrassing) it’s the time when your brain cleans up all the thoughts and put them in different categories, and you really want to let your brain do that! Other wise you might not get/be very wise! (I’m reading a book by a Swedish Surgeon – Varför är vi så olyckliga när vi har det så bra!)

Anyhow yesterday night I went for a three course dinner at the university, all the men had costumes and the women where dressed in pretty dresses, and we ate, sang and drank! Wrote “drunkmessages” in eachothers books, had loads of entertaining speeches :D I missed my last train home and all I could do was dance till they shut off the music. Me and my friend ran through the town barefooted (always bring extra comfy shoes if you have high heeled shoes) to catch a train 7:13am (the train never came) after waiting a long time for the train and then sitting on the train I finally got home around 9 am. Adventurous night! But I really would need to sleep and rest + do all my homework and get rid of my cold.


your future medicine expert Diana



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