Rain Food & Music

I was supposed to spend today on a pedal boat with my new class, but considering the amount of rain we’ve had today that was canceled. So I’ve spent this lovely Friday listening to music (this song!) while baking/cooking/wandering-aimlessly-around-the-house and doing all that stuff you tend to forget! (those pants that are a little to long or a lot are now perfect!)….


I also cooked a big batch of chilli that I can bring to school/work in my new (and super smart) freezpack (you freeze the lid of your food container and it keeps your food cool all day!)

Now I have to stop trying to convince myself that dirty hair looks good and go take a shower so I can meet up with my friends tonight! (I just really think that if you use a lot of dry shampoo it looks okey… am I right?)


ps. I really want to look like these women! They look sooooo good and classy! I just have to find my trench first… and wait fore the rain to stop…

pic from here & here


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