First day at University tomorrow and I am feeling:

 seriously don’t know how I will manage to get up that early in the mornings and take the train at 6:57am, still I am looking forward sitting on a train, drinking coffee and listening to Karen Dalton as I am waking up! The problem is that my bed is super comfortable, and I sometimes in my sleep create a birdsnest out of pillows and blankets, and I get stuck in bed for hours because it is too comfortable to leave… It’s like in “The Sims” when you sit in an armchair and the comfort barometer rises high high HIGH! and your sim is super happy :) that’s how it feels.

I will need a big cup of tea so I will not be grumpy,  if I don’t drink tea I usually get bad headaches and it feels like nothing is going my way.

A delicious breakfast, bread & scrambled eggs, or porridge with blueberries and banana! I try to avoid sugar in my breakfast food… I would love to enjoy my breakfast in an unstressful environment a.k.a not on a train!

I guess first impression is quite important! My friends remember the day I went to the wrong classroom, I am not planning on making the same mistake tomorrow :) tomorrow I don’t want to dressup, I’d just like to be me without any details so I can later on wear different turbans/colours/clothes. What do I wear? Many things! I get bored, I want to wear different things, have different styles, wearing pants all the time is boring! I like diversity and I should probably sleep. Oh lord! have mercy on my soul!

Here is a playlist… I present to you: MIDDLE LIFE (still in construction!)


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