Travelling in time

It is possible, I believe so! We are seldom in the present, our thoughts are always in the past or in the future, we do miss what is actually happening right now, we loose control as we drift away of yesterdays troubles or anxious thoughts that belong to the future. Somehow I have experienced a certain time travelling, it has not been like travelling far away in some kind of machine it’s just that certain places have certain energy and people that have brought together people with similar thoughts/longings.

Travelling back to the 70’s was one of my best experiences, the night began with having beers at a russian inspired bar witha  touch of “communistic” art/pictures at KGB (Malmskillnadsgatan) the dj only played russian tecno music with a little balkan music too… As we (Sandra, Jenny, Aliro and Mimmi) went to the SOUL-club at FASCHING (the best place where you can listen to jazz) we were first in the line and stood there for 30 minutes, it was -5°C and we actually didn’t think they would let us in because we were underage… I stood there with my id-card just longing to get in there and dance, I guess the “guards” felt sorry for us for standing in the cold so long/wanted to make money so they let us in. At that moment I thought I was the happiest person in that house.

I have always said that I was born in the wrong decade, I wanted to be 20ish in the 60’s & 70’s so I could rock my afro and wear paisley patterned flared trousers!! I was disappointed at the music played in the clubs of today and just wished to travel in a time machine and experience something great…

In the club there were beardy men with long hair, guys with tattoes and band t-shirts, girls with long and short hair, everybody was so happy and we danced to this! People who wanted to go back to that time were there! They felt the vibe! I couldn’t stop smiling as I danced, I felt high! I was there, present! It felt like a dream! I had travelled in time! 


xox Diana

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