What to do when you don’t know what to do!

Right now I’m in a stage of my life where I have to make one of the biggest decisions of my life (that’s what it feels like), where I’m going to spent the coming three years and what I’m going to do! So in my bewilderment I did what any sane person would do, I turned to google!

After typing in what to do when you don’t know what to do in the search column I found this amazing article with simple steps to make everything clearer…


Here they are:

  1. Forget about the ultimate outcome. The truth is that I probably have less control over the outcome than I think. I can undoubtedly influence it, but I can’t control it. Besides, before I ever get to the final destination, many of the variables will change. Projects and deals have a way of unfolding over time. There will be problems—and resources—I can’t see now.
  2. Instead, focus on the next right action. Since worrying about the outcome is unproductive, I try to think about the next actions that will move the project forward. This is far more accessible that something in the distant future. For example, as an author, I can worry about whether or not my book will become a bestseller or I can make sure that I am fully prepped for the interview I have scheduled today.
  3. And do something now! This is key. Something is better than nothing. Too often, we think that we have to have clarity about how it will all turn out. In my experience, I rarely have this. But, as I move toward the destination, making course corrections as necessary, I experience clarity. Therefore, it is important to get off the sidelines and into the game.

So if you are in a situation where you feel overwhelmed and don’t know what course to take, just do the next right thing.


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One comment on “What to do when you don’t know what to do!

  1. colgore says:

    That’s a good find. Exactly what I needed in this moment. Weird that I saw this post as I was thinking about what I should do and not coming to any conclusions. Thanks.

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