A perfect wednesday

I had nothing planned for this day and it turned out fantastic. I woke up this morning around 8 o’clock and had breakfast with my father, then I strolled down the street to see my local doctor and get a vaccine that would prevent development of cervical cancer. Later on I posted a letter and when I came home I started preparing the chickpeas… I decided to make falafel :) Then I made dal as some kind of side dish, it is really good, it originates from the India or Bangladesh, it’s easy to make and has loads of protein which is good if you are vegetarian or vegan!


I went to the library to borrow some books written by Joan Didion, and cd:s!
I saw “Almost Famous” (WATCH IT) yesterday, and needed to borrow some black sabbath, cream, led zeppelin and pink floyd cd:s, I ended up in the jazzmusic department as well and borrowed some Stan Getz, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington,Dizzie Gillespie and Miles Davis. (note to self: look up if the library has any books by Angela Davis or bell hooks)

I finished watching “Portlandia” season 1 so I’m busy with season 2 at the moment :)

I made the Falafel, it wasn’t easy, the whole kitchen was a mess after mixing the chickpeas, but they were delicious with the tomatosauce I made!

I got so inspired by reading different posts at rookiemag, and by looking in cooking books, Jamie Oliver inspired me a little and also other people posting videos on cooking food on youtube.

Today I was inspired and I feel that I acted out on every thought that inspired me. I also made a tarte tatin. It was nice to be by myself, time for nothingness, time for thoughts, time to do whatever that first comes to your mind (referring to cooking).



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