Urban outfitters interiour

I really like Urban Outfitters interiour, and it makes me want to buy everything from there and just decorate an apartment, preferably my apartment. I should probably buy this shapecollage-program so I can make collages or I’ll just try to find another program for this. I like making collages… this is also apartment inspiration: Image

By the way I am looking  forward to the weekend extremely! Being free two days and do other things than cooking food or doing dishes…And I thought that I should share two funny posts before I leave for work.

RookieMag: “Year On” many of my friends and I are leaving for collage, so this post is mostly about how expectations don’t always are the reality in the beggining of Collage, it’s about loneliness, friendship, moving, and roommates. 

Sleep, Eat, Gym: I can’t get down with the Downward Dog” I thought that this post was  absolutely hilarious, reading what Emily was thinking while doing yoga: 

Here’s my problem with yoga (and this is my personal problem, not a problem with the practice at all!): It doesn’t relax me. It almost gives me too much time to think. During each pose, I’m thinking to myself “How much longer are we going to hold this? What are we going to do next? I can’t remember the next step in the Vinyasa. Am I going to fall over? I think I’m going to fall over. How is that girl standing on her head? Oh shit, we’re on the next pose. Am I breathing right? Was I supposed to be inhaling or exhaling? Why is breathing so hard now? Why am I overanalyzing breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth? Is my belly button connected to my spine? How does that even happen? Is my stomach supposed to expand when I inhale, or exhale? I’ve been fucking breathing since I was born, why can’t I remember? Emily, get your shit together. Oh, down dog again? Guess I’m getting up close and personal with the ass in front of me again” 



One comment on “Urban outfitters interiour

  1. Glad you can relate to my inner yogi struggle!

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