It’s raining t…

It’s raining today so instead of my planed morning jog I’m at home drinking tea, eating apples and watching scrubs on youtube… (morning jog isn’t really what I would call it, it’s more like a power walk with some occasional running)


I spent the entire evening watching various reallity shows with my siblings, our all time favorites ( hrm my all time favorites) are:

– Keeping up with the Kardashians, kind of makes me love the fact that I only have two (TWO) siblings and not… six?

– The Real Housewives of NY, it’s great watching mature (?) women in their mid-fifties fight like you do in high school.. kind of makes you feel great about your own mom! She is not that embarrassing, no fighting in public…

– Jersey Shore … Who doesn’t love Snooki??

Gaah I can’t sit here.. I have to go to work….!


(i’d love to wear this..)


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