Last night I was supposed to have a picknick withEmelie outside this place where Kurt Vile, Thee Oh Sees, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Vånna inget would play (check out the poster). This spring  began listening to other kinds of music as BJM and Kurt Vile. And I really wanted to see them but because of lack of job (I’m not unemployed, the “company” doesn’t want to fire me and can’t give me a shift)  anyhow, I packed a blanket, 1 liter of tea  and a small gift for her (she recently turned nineteen) and as we arrive to the place I say: 
-Do you you want to sit in the park for a while before Kurt enters the stage?
she replied “No!”, I was a bit perplexed because I felt a bit ashamed of almost hiking or picknicking outside the club. 
– Do you want to sit here? I asked her.
“No!” she replied again and my I started thinking that we might not even seehear the bands….
Then she said “We’re going in!” I did not understand how she could come up with that idea, the place was swarming with guards, we could not sneak in! “We are going in Diana!” she said again, I was dressed for a picknick – warm clothes. To enter the place you have to be 20 years old, we’ve got one more year until that would work out, in order to get into that place you had to buy tickets in advance. And that was what she had done! 
she’s the best!

The bands that played where really good, I think listening to psychedelic rock music live makes you end up in some kind of trance. It was great. Best night out! Best surprise! Image


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