How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster


Eat a Balanced Diet

– Eat protein every day

– Be sure to eat adequate amounts of iron and zinc

– Don’t cut fat out of your diet

– Meet your daily intake of vitamin C

– Take Vitamin B

Reduce Your Emotional and Physical Stress Levels (hahah yeah right, like thats possible)

– Maintain good general health

– Learn how to effectively manage emotional stress

Limit Damaging Styling Treatments

– Avoid perming, bleaching, crimping, curling, bleaching…. you know what

– Brush or comb no more than twice a day

– Don’t use rubber bands to hold back your hair

– Avoid hairstyles that pull your hair

Homemade topical treatment recipes can help strengthen and moisturize hair to prevent breakage. Overuse may cause damage or build-up, however, so be sure to continue using clarifying shampoos and let hair rest several days between treatments.

Gaah, why couldn’t it be “smile for 5 minutes every day, that will make you’r hair grow 3 cm a day!”




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