Life and other interesting things…

Right now I’m studying (laying on my bed staring at the wall), I’m writing a speech and I’m stuck… (I haven’t actually written anything the last two hours, but yeah.. I’m still studying)

Life is great (NOT)

What I really want to to to night is go listen to Diana sing, eat fresh fruit and talk to nice people. But no, I’m stuck here at home with my computer…And I’m not even watching a movie… Gaah Saturdays are for fun not for school!

What I’d rather do right now:

Listen to Diana sing. I love music, it just makes you feel good (mostly)

Watch a movie. I really want to see the new Avengers movie, it’s in theatres next week here in Stockholm!

Eat food. I L.O.V.E F.O.O.D

Go out with friends, I want to sitt at a bar with a beer or a glass of wine in my hand

or just anything that does not involve school or school related stuff!


I have no idea what she is doing, but it looks fun (everything looks fun when you are studying)



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