I’ve got six more weeks of intensive studying. I’m pretty tired of most things but I’ve just decided to fake it till I make it! I feel that I’m growing into a frigid bitch and i’m not sure if that’s completly my fault. Yes I have hurt people but people have hurt me as well, and now i’m just not giving a funk about things. I’ll just keep on doing what I like and what I can! E.g. Staying home a weekend drinking tea watching films because i’m t tired to be responding to everything in my environment… I think I might be unavailable on most fields right now like emotionally/socially … And what is up with the food I’m putting in my mouth! I had cheese in my pasta, and I had chocolate pudding for desert and I keep on sneaking into the kitchen to eat darkchocolate-truffles it is either pre-period, stress or me trying to get out of my bad mood.

Usually people don’t know when I’m in a badmood, but now I am, and now you know. And I’m sorry for wha……. I recently just discovered that this is PMS.

But seriously I’m pretty tired!


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