These are a few of my favorite things:

These things are going to make me survive school!!! Strong women! Honest women! Funny women! Beautiful soulfull voices!!!! Lotte and I are really feeling tired because of school, they just want us to do more and more and it feels like a never ending “study”-story. 52 more days then we’re done! It feels like we’ve been in a safety house during all the years we’ve been alive, and just recently we are seeing *future* coming nearer, hunting us. We’re realizing things that we haven’t thought about before. It feels like we have 52 more days in the safetyhouse then we’ll be thrown out into the jungle of misery/hunting jobs/money/work/something to do! I really hope that we’ll get into university so we can just get done with it. Uhhh…. is this life?

New Girl
30 rock
(+ The Office) 

Hellogiggles + videos

(this list is not done, i’ll fix it later)
Amy Winehouse
Erykah Badu
Jill Scott
Howlin Rain


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