Hello Saturday night!

So it’s saturday night-evening and I’m at home, not even drinking tea (going to boil some water) and I’m feeling exhausted. This is mostly due to my very physical work, i carry a lot, all the time, and i’m running around like a chicken. This wednesday I almost started to cry since my co-workers yelled at me and I just felt like a big disappointment plus I broke up with a friend, which was terrible, and I felt that I should have ended that friendship longtime ago, it was all just destructive (and I don’t feel like talking about it more cause we sure had good times!). Nevertheless, that evening I spoke to my sister about how I should handle work:
1. never say that you’re tired
2. don’t complain
3. suck it in (meaning don’t complain)
4. take as  much as you can lift/carry
5. SMILE! (fake it till you make it)
6. Lick butts/asses meaning (get bestfriends at work)
7. HAVE FUN!!!! (or you’ll quit)
8. Think of a song that makes you happy and singit!

So in my sleep I apologized to all my co-workers about my bad mood and I felt better, I did some sun-salutations and I started singing to Spice Girls- Who do you think you are:

And work feels so much better + I get better feed back! I am so exhausted!

Ps. I had the loveliest “Sisternight” yesterday with delicious food, dessert, breakfast, and tea, it was so cozy hanging with my sisters (My sisters+ my bestfriend+her sister) we’ve ahd sisternights since we were about 6years old and we’ve known eachother for our whole existence! Ds.


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