Today I had my hair cut – it’s interesting how haircuts make you feel so good (and sometimes bad) for me haircuts are special, it has always symbolized change not only on the outside but on the inside as well and that is nice. It’s when you really feel that you need a change, that you are giving yourself another shot at something or if you just decided that your gonna want something else with life or whatever that you should have your haircut. It’s like a new beginning. You are somehow physically released from “the past”.

Having the study date was great! I really just needed to see a friend in another environment. We had a lot of fun trying out wigs and the cake I bought when we went for a “fika” was delicious. Unfortunately we couldn’t go thrift store shopping because it is too dusty for my lungs to be there and I just coughed a lot. Lotte said that I should lay in my bed instead of hanging out with her and I just felt that this girl does not know how fun it is to be around her! C’mon lady you kind of give me energy with all the laughs we have :)

goodnight and take care (too myself and to fellow readers that might have the flu)


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