Still sick but happy

Geez I feel so bad, having presented my project about coral reefs really took all my saved energy (that should have gone to killing the virus in my lungs. dammit!) I wasn’t nervous in the beginning of the day because I felt that “I’m sick, I’ll screw up anyways” and then I got massive headaches all day, and even went to the rest room in school to take a nap (it was good, very good, so good that I drooled and got sleeping marks on my face = it was not pretty).

What is great with this day then?
1. I am having my hair cut!!!! (I will wake up tomorrow (hopefully) and feel good looking and my addiction to bobby-pins will maybe go away)
2. I got my student-cap (swedish tradition for students finishing high school)
3. Soon finished with the funking project.. woop woop
4. Sunshine
5. i kind of look awesome (because of the student-cap) even though my health is blaah  6. i’ve got lovely people in my life
7. i just found my breathing medicine – HELLO LIFE!!!


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