I have just spent my whole saturday writing a test so that I might have the possibility to study psychology at university. This day turned out to be horrible: Firstly I slept really really bad waking up in the middle of the night coughing almost choking (how the funk did I get this cold? god dammit!) Then I had to be there at 8:20am until 4:00pm I had 1 liter of tea, one energy drink and a cup of black coffee and I almost peed my pants as I was not allowed to leave the classroom.

I scored 79/160 which means that I answered 49% correctly! (Which is pretty bad if I got high dreams)

My condition has deteriorated :( and I feel like having pizza and drinks! I have actually found some interesting sites that I have recently just fallen in love with (will post soon)… why does it feel that dreams are hard to reach and therefor you shouldn”t have big and wild dreams?


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