Makes a square egg!


Todays Problem:

(Yeah this is a problem, I know there is war and global warming out there. But this is a problem too!)

Gah, so this thing with boiling eggs… It never works out, they are always (and I mean always) half-raw when I’m done! (And yes, I use a timer). I just cooked an egg for 8 minutes, I had boiling water and put the egg in it, and it was still “fluent/liguid NOT THE WAY IT WAS SUPOSED TO BE” when I took them out.

What am I doing wrong??

From now on I’m eating fried eggs only!

Ps. Haha an Egg Cuber “Makes a square egg” ds.


Pic: Here and here



3 comments on “Makes a square egg!

  1. methodpile says:

    boiling eggs does is tricky! it does not come intuitively to me so every single time i make them i check this recipe. it really works. letting the egg have time to warm up (so it cooks) and cool down (so it doesn’t smell and taste like sulfur) is really important. i hope that helps!

  2. methodpile says:

    *whoops, sorry about the typo.

    i also should specify and say that it has to cool down [so it doesn’t overcook] and smell and taste like sulfur.

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