I’ll wait for you

I wish I looked like this, hopefully when Lotte and I move to Greenwich Village I will sit like this outside our apartment waiting for Lotte to get home from work. Then we will  go to a muffinbakery or have drinks.

I want to have a drink!

Why can’t life be just a little more fabulous? Fewer deadlines, or at least having time to  do your duties and feel happy with the result. I am having troubles finishing “Silent Ocean” and I know that I will only have one day to write the whole essay – and it is pissing me off and making me all grumpy an ineffective.

Instead I am watching 30rock, drinking tea, laughing hard, and waiting for mr. loverboy to reply my message. Patience is a virtue.

AHHHH Mérde! C’mon Diana focus! FOCUS!!!!!!


PS. Fill your saucepan with cold water and place your eggs carefully in it. Put the heat on. When you see that the water starts boiling you can start taking time. 8minutes if you want them hard. That’s how I boil eggs. DS

PS2. this is not “playstation 2” i think that my draft posts + my recent posts have been filled with emotional-confusement due to PMS! And that I feel very tired and that I have caught a cold DS2.


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