Lemons, Cappuccino and Documentaries

Life is giving me some lemons right now. Not only Liz Lemon but lemons (I am not refering to lemons literally) anyhow I couldn’t take the lift so I had to take the stairs with my heavy backpack it was not fun. As I came home I took some food from the fridge and laid down in the soft sofa of ours – I couldn’t rest there for a long time cause my father just “had” to show me the 10 habitable planets that they have discovered! I thank god that he wanted to show me something interesting otherwise I would have cursed like a sailor!

As I made myself comfortable in the sofa I got into watching a documentary on the topic of “Jim Jones – Peoples Temple” very intresting as well as crazy. The human mind scares me a lot. The name of the documentary is “Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple”.

Then I got my computer and started looking for coffee courses and Latte Arts – then I just had to clean the espresso machine and make a cappuccino and burnt my hand on the part-that-steams-milk.

Now I have to finnish reading the book and get started with the essay, Lotte is a head of me and I need to work hard!



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