How to study efficiently.

I have to spend my day writing an essey, so I thought I’d share my “how-to-study-efficiently” tips with you. (And hopefully start using them soon, I’m NOT the most efficient person right now…)

Don’t blog…. Just thought I’d write that down (I never blog when I have to study…)

Turn your internet connection off. If you are writing/working on something you don’t need internet for, turn it off. I know you want to see if we (hrm of course that what you wanted to do!) published something new and exiting… but trust me, it can wait.

Write a list of everything you have to do. And preferably publish it somewhere public, so if (when) you fail to finish it we all know about it… Motivation!

Work on a clean desk. Nothing there to look at, nothing to distract you!

Coffee, A LOT of coffee

Colored pencils. They just make everything soooo much better (and everything looks pretty, even your handwriting…)

Yeah, thats what im going to do now…. Bye

But first, tea….




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