Being confused!

I should really not blog right now, it is 6:37 am and I should get started with getting-ready-for-work.

Yesterday I allowed myself taking a 30minute nap. As I laid in my bed resting my eyes after reading “Silent Ocean”  I fell asleep. My tea was hot, the sky was dark, and my christmas-star was giving out warm orange light. I woke up after 30 minutes which actually was about 5 hours later (4:43am) and I went to the bathroom -suddenly it was 6 o’clock!!!!!!

I had forgotten to CHANGE TIME! Thank god I woke up that early -otherwise I would’ve been late for work.

God, I’m so confused!


PS. The great thing (with my new job) is that in the morning we can eat left-over cake from the previous day! It will be nice with a cup of good-delicious coffee! DS.


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