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Good morning!

So today started pretty early (for me atleast, especially on a saturday..) with me driving my mother to the ariport, at 7:00!

My goal for today is to be really efficient (ehh good luck! I’m extremly inefficient) so I can spend my sunday in bed with a big cup of tea watching Friends. My new addiciton, it’s sooo funny! I can’t belive I haven’t watched it before, I mean I’ve watched Friends. But only random episodes…

But anyway, today I have to:

Write (or atleast start) my essey for environmental politics.

Read the book “Silent Ocean” (or as it’s called in Swedish “Tyst Hav” by Isabella Lövin!, it’s relly good but I don’t feel like spending my saturday reading a book about the fishing industry in Europe… 

Clean my house! It’ dirty, and I don’t mean messy. It’s DIRTY!! I haven’t vacuumed my bedroom in ehh two weeks?

Work out. I’m thinking pilates or yoga, I don’t feel like jogging (jogging in my world means walking fast, and every time some one walks by I run really fast and pretend that’s what I’ve been doing all the time!)

Work on a presentation! I have to figure out what I want to say… (Ehh nothing, I don’t like to talk in front of people! Especially smart ones who know what im talking about..)

I have to get this all done before five so I can have a life tonight an acutally meet some friends (real ones, not the show).

Wish me good luck!



2 comments on “Saturday

  1. Good luck with all of that!

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