My first day

My day started a bit later than Lotte’s, I woke up at 7 o’clock and began my day with “rinsing my nose”, taking loads of vitamins, having a big cup of tea and a sandwich to get ready for work. I packed an apple and “Silent Ocean” in my bag and headed towards the bus station.

As I entered the empty and very new/fresh mall I was baffled – it was coming to nine and no one was there (as we were supposed to start at nine) I went to the dressing room to put on my work clothes and as I came back all my co-workers were there.

There is something about working in a café – I have always had a romanticized image of that (makes me think of the film “Amélie de Poulain”) It is tougher than that. Keeping an eye on everything, fixing a lot of stuff and at the same time as the stress increases with the time of the day (towards afternoon) you have to look calm, be nice, and smile. It is fun but at the same time very tiring. I had my lunch at 4:30pm and started working 9:00am.

Now I have to finish reading “Silent Ocean” as well as thinking and writing what I want to say for “the great presentation” that will be held next monday and finish other studies.

My life is not very glamorous but I do have fun and eat good food and spend my time with lovely people.

Have a nice Saturday Night!


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4 comments on “My first day

  1. That was a very long shift before you got your lunch, I’d have collapsed by then!

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