Where to go??


With summer around the corner, we’ve now started planing a trip. We are a group of four to five girls who want to go away for one week and explore a new and exiting city. But the bigger the group the more opinions there are….

– It has to be cheap, we are all students no money here..

– It has to be walker friendly, we walk ALOT!

– It has to have good shopping, ehh do I need to say why??

– It has to be warm, not hot just warm…. you know, just right.

– And most important, it NEEDS to have a good (ehh amazing) selection of cozy cafes!

Right now we are choosing between:

Amsterdam, looks beautiful

London, good (amazing) shopping.

Dublin, beeer !?!

Gaah summer!!! I want you here right now!


Pic: Here


8 comments on “Where to go??

  1. Good choices! How will you decide? In my experience, London is really expensive and probably even more so this year with the Olympics being held there (accommodation might be difficult too, depending on when you go), but of course it has some wonderful shops and lots of iconic buildings and attractions. Dublin is also pretty expensive, at least in terms of accommodation (unless you’re going to stay in hostels?) and I don’t think it will be as warm as the other two, but it is a lovely friendly city and great for walking around. Amsterdam is, as you say, beautiful, and has plenty of cafes, and I think it might have the best weather of them all. I think they’re all really good options and I hope you have a great time, wherever you go.

    • Thank you, I think we just have to sit down an talk (vote?). Personaly I want to go to Amsterdam, looks soo pretty when you look at pictures. Which would you recommend, you had been to all of the alternatives?

  2. Well my vote is for Amsterdam, but there is a chance, perhaps, that I’m a bit biased…?!
    Your requirements pretty much exactly describe Amsterdam- walker friendly (although you should definitely hire bikes), good shopping, warm but not too warm, and lots of cozy cafes!
    There is some great shopping here, especially if you like unique, one-off shops (such as those in the 9 Streets area-http://www.theninestreets.com/).
    Check out our blog for more information!

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